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Our representations on Local Plan Soundness

We have now submitted our representation objecting to the soundness of the new Local Plan. We decided to focus on two key areas;

1. The overall housing numbers for the district

2. The proposed Masterplan for the North Felixstowe Garden Neighbourhood

Other aspects (e.g. Sustainability) are also criticised in our representation, but we believe that the Draft Local Plan has major and demonstrable weaknesses in the above two areas and that hence there is a convincing case for changes to be put before the government Planning Inspector.

We believe that there are a number of significant errors and omissions in the way that the Council (SCDC) has calculated the overall housing requirement for the district, and that these targets could, and should, be substantially reduced.

We also believe that proposals for the North Felixstowe Garden Neighbourhood are undeliverable. The indicative Masterplan provided in the Local Plan is simply implausible - i.e. it would be impossible to concurrently comply with all of the associated policy statements. We accept that the detailed Masterplanning stage is still to be done, but that the Local Plan should not be adopted until certain critical elements of the Masterplan are better defined - e.g. exactly what infrastructure (roads etc.) are to be provided.This is such an important feature of the Local Plan that we need to be confident that it is actually deliverable.

You will find a copy of our full representation here;

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