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Now We Need Your Help

We have been working with KATCAG to review the soundness of the Final Draft Local Area Plan and have identified a number of areas where we think that this could be improved. In particular we think that the number of new dwellings allocated to the Felixstowe peninsula is disproportionately high and not sustainable. We also believe that the need for the logistics park at Trimley St Martin is not well justified. We think that we have identified weaknesses in the soundness of the SCDC local area plan with respect to these features.

However we do need to get some professional help with preparing our formal representations. We need a planning consultant to help us present our case in a manner that will convince other planning professionals (which we are NOT!). We have engaged a planning consultancy - Green Balance to help.

We need to raise around £5,000 to cover this work and we are looking for donations. If you feel that you wouldlike to help us with this and can spare a few pounds, please click on the button below. Many thanks in advance.


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