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New District Local Plan - Public Meeting

We think that this new plan is really going to have a really big impact on Felixstowe and it is not all good news.

We are hosting a public meeting on the 10th December at 7.00 p.m. in the Leisure centre hall (by the pier). We will go thorough the proposed changes and how they are likely to affect Felixstowe. We will also talk briefly about what we think can be done. It should not take more than one hour or so.

The plan is still in draft form, but the Council hope to get it approved early next year. We want to challenge the plan, but to do this we need to act quickly, and we will need the support of as many Felixstowe residents as possible. If you wish to support us, please sign up for our email list - we do need to get a many names as possible.

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