North Felixstowe Garden Neighbourhood

This will be built in the area that is roughly enclosed by Gulpher Road. This pretty area includes The Grove woodland, the Eastward Ho football pitches and a children's playground. This is mainly high grade agricultural land and is an area much used and loved by Felixstowe residents for gentle leisure pursuits (and football!). It is also a wildlife haven and was described in a recent council sponsored report as Felixstowe's "green lung". It is adjacent to the Suffolk Coasts AONB. Most of this existing amenity will be lost. The council are currently saying that The Grove woodland (only) would be retained. 

The plan currently shows that road access to this new estate will be provided via a couple of new junctions onto Candlet Road (the A154). This road is currently the primary ingress/egress point for road traffic into Felixstowe from the A14. The dock spur roundabout already gets busy in the rush hour. The additional traffic from the new estate will increase the length of the traffic queues at the dock spur roundabout and hence encourage commuters to look for alternative routes. Thus increasing the traffic through Walton, along the High Road West and Beatrice Avenue. No doubt that we will also be blessed with more traffic lights etc. to "help" the flow. In short, our local roads are going to get  busier and more congested.