New Logistics/Container Park
logistic Park.jpg

The main impacts for Felixstowe would be;

  • A major eyesore on the approach to the town. It will certainly leave any visitor in no doubt that they are entering an industrial area. We currently have a reasonable level of separation between the town and the port. This will disappear. This will likely have a major negative impact on tourism and the local businesses that depend upon it. 

  • Container lorry traffic. The agents own estimate is 3,000 lorries per day on the adjoining country roads (Kirton Road, Innocence Lane). This will be passing the Trimley St Martin Junior School. Kirton Road and Innocence Lane are currently used by pedestrians and cyclists but it will probably become much too hostile for this with container lorries thundering past.

  • Destruction of yet more wildlife habitat and good agricultural land.

We should not forget that the Port of Felixstowe and it's supporting businesses provide a substantial proportion of income in the form of business rates to Suffolk Coastal District Council.  SCDC will be very keen to maximise their income from this source  and hence the needs of Felixstowe residents will not be at the forefront of their thinking. We need to help to change this.


This land is owned by Trinity College (Cambridge University). Their agents submitted a planning application for this new "logistics" park a year or two ago. The Port of Felixstowe are not asking for a development on this site. Trinity College are looking to increase the value of their property by converting the land use from agriculture to commercial. It is not clear exactly  what this land would be used for, but if it becomes approved for commercial use, under the new local plan, then no doubt it would be developed. Road access is planned via the adjoining country lanes. 

The Port already has other land allocated for general logistics that is currently unused. We think that the need for this facility, on this site, is highly questionable and hence we should not be sacrificing the character of our town for this. 

The Kirton and Trimley residents have set up their own action group to challenge this and other elements in the new plan than that are specific to those areas. They have there own website here;