About Us

We are a non-profit residents group in Felixstowe. We originally formed 2 years ago to challenge the proposed housing developments in the Ferry Road area and we were known as the Ferry Road Campaign. We are still doing this, but we have recently been dismayed at the content of new District Local Plan and how it will affect the whole of Felixstowe.

The group has been formed with intention of helping our local council make better planning decisions. In particular, we don't think that the council are talking or listening properly to existing town residents with respect to the new Local Area Plan. 

We hold regular meetings and (each year) an AGM where we present financial accounts and elect a committee. The current committee consists of;

Nigel Palmer OBE  (Chairman)

Ian Buxton (Treasurer)

Christopher Harrison (Secretary)

Robert Whitehouse (Committee member - Publicity)

Susan Layzell (Committee member)

Gill Mason (Committee member)

Roger Wood (Committee member - Research)

In short, we just want to keep Felixstowe a great place to live!

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